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Payroll infrastructure to help companies build their own payroll.

Head of Product Implementation

San Francisco, CA / Remote
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3+ years
About Puzzl


Puzzl is a fintech startup focused on building payroll infrastructure. We help companies to build their own embedded payroll products.

About the role

Skills: Git, JavaScript, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Puzzl: Payroll infrastructure to help companies build their own payroll.

Join our team as our Head of Product Implementation where you will collaborate and build with our largest Customers and Partners. This role would be a great fit for candidates who have previously worked as PMs, Partnerships Leads, and Implementation Specialists in the past.

Our team works out of an office in-person in SF, but you may work remotely until end of COVID. Note: We do not provide sponsorship for employment visas.

What We Do

Puzzl helps companies-- everyone from gig companies + franchises to POS companies and neobanks-- to build their own embedded payroll products. Some companies want to offer embedded payroll to make an extra stream of revenue and offer their customers end-to-end platform functionality, while others simply want to build payroll to improve payment operations for their internal company.

Puzzl has built a Payroll API that automates every aspect of payroll processing from onboarding to disbursement to reporting & filing. Our White-Label Front-End Components allow any company to customize our pre-built front-end products and launch a payroll company in days. You can think of Puzzl as a “Stripe for Payroll”!

Payroll is the infrastructure of American society, controlling everything from school and library budgets to child support, to retirement/health savings. Puzzl is the payment and compliance infrastructure layer that helps companies navigate the ever-changing policy changes in 13,000+ tax jurisdictions.

Cool Things We Do

  • We are the only payroll company that offers daily payroll! Most quick-pay versions of payroll are modern versions of payday loans with hefty fees but at Puzzl we can do real payroll calculations and disbursement the same-day so workers can get paid in <24 hours.
  • We help gig companies pay workers compliantly as W2 employees. Before, gig-companies were only able to classify workers as 1099 contractors because they had no way to pay workers quickly and efficiently. Our product serves as a “Stripe for Payroll” for gig startups so they can pay workers quickly and keep payment data in-app.

Head of Product Implementation Role

You will play a critical role in:

  • Customer Success: Our customers are our #1 priority, and they rely on us for their payment infrastructure. You'll be gathering feedback from customers, iterating our product, and launching new features daily!
  • Product Usability: We believe in making something people love. You'll work with our engineers to build features that delight users.

Your day-to-day at Puzzl will consist of:

  • Helping Customers build payroll products using Puzzl's payroll infrastructure by creating product roadmaps, suggesting features, and reviewing their designs/beta product
  • Keeping Customers on track with their product timelines and payroll product growth goals
  • Working with our Product Engineers to implement feature requests

You should join Puzzl if

  • You want to work on a complex, far-reaching problem
  • You've previously worked in or literacy in the fintech/HR space.
  • You're technical, or have extreme literacy in explaining technical products/components to others
  • You're a high-energy individual who enjoys collaborating with Customers
  • You have a great eye for design
  • You enjoy wearing multiple hats and enjoy cross-team collaboration
  • You want to be on the forefront of shaping the world's payment infrastructure and care about the problems we're trying to solve.
  • You think you can beat us in a game of Catan.

Join us! You could be the missing piece in our Puzzl.


Tech Stack: React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, and AWS.

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