Datafold (S20)
Monitoring & testing for analytical data

Senior Software Engineer – Python

0.10% - 0.70%

6+ years
About Datafold

Company, Team, and Product

We are building a data observability platform that helps Data teams move faster and with higher confidence by automating data quality analysis, monitoring, and common repetitive tasks in data engineering workflow. It’s a category-defining product in a rapidly growing data domain.

As businesses increasingly rely on Analytics and Machine Learning, Data teams are facing unprecedented complexity of data and infrastructure. Lack of visibility into data quality and performance of data pipelines causes massive inefficiencies and costly business mistakes. You can read more about our vision and our view of the data ecosystem in our blog.

If you are not very familiar with the data domain, the nature of our product is similar to APM tools such as Prometheus, Datadog and New Relic: we collect and integrate metadata about our customers data infrastructure, pipelines and datasets and provide valuable insights.

We are a highly technical team with deep expertise in the Data domain: our founders built real-time telemetry systems and scaled some of the world’s largest data platforms at Autodesk and Lyft. Our company is backed by top-tier investors including NEA.

Our product has been rapidly evolving and is already regularly used by over 100 data professionals from companies including Patreon and Thumbtack.

Now is a unique time to join our team since, on the one hand, we already have great momentum behind us – product, customers, investors, funding – but on the other hand, there is so much ahead and so many opportunities for the early team members to shape our product, technical stack, and culture.

Since the very beginning, our team has been remote & working from multiple continents and time zones. We value strong work ethics, honesty, and a growth mindset and are looking for mature and well-organized professionals who are excited about building a new and innovative product that will redefine how organizations use data.

About the role

Skills: Python, SQL

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer to join our team to build together the definitive product in the data observability space.


  • Own the development of new features & support existing product
  • Write clean, maintainable and secure code
  • Design APIs and system architecture
  • Clearly communicate with the team. We are fully remote.
  • Develop backend (Python, SqlAlchemy, Neo4j, Flask, Celery)
  • Interface with analytical databases (BigQuery, Snowflake, …)


  • 7+ years of relevant industry experience
  • Solid Python and SQL skills
  • Deep understanding of web-related technologies
  • Substantial experience in backend development and API design
  • User-level experience in Linux & common tooling (git, docker, …)

If interested please apply here


Our current stack includes Python, Flask, Celery & PostgreSQL in the backend. We use graph database Neo4j for storing highly-connected data. The front end is implemented in TypeScript and React/Redux. By the nature of our product, we have to deal with a wide range of engineering problems ranging from time-series machine learning for metric monitoring and alerting, to source code parsing for data lineage (dependency tracking) to anomaly detection on graph data.

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Senior Software Engineer – Python
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