Product Designer at Pave (S20)
Plan, communicate, and benchmark your compensation in real-time.
San Francisco
3+ years
About Pave

** What's the problem? **

  • Do you know how your compensation is decided?
  • How do your employers know the market rate?
  • How is your financial success tied to the company's financial success?

** Who are we: **

Pave is a compensation hub that provides real-time benchmarking data and tools to help companies guide their compensation plans. Companies integrate their HR systems and unlock Pave’s real-time data and suite of intelligent software tools. We communicate the company's compensation policy to their employees, and explain how they grow as the company grows.

** What we do: **

At Pave, you will reinvent the world of compensation and help build a more transparent future. Pave allows companies to benchmark compensation to leaders in their industry, analyze internal compensation data. We launched in March of 2020, we already have sizable contracts signed and are actively adding hundreds of new companies to our real-time benchmarking portal.

** Press **

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About the role

What You'll Do

Work alongside your cross-functional team to design an incredibly intuitive, elegant user experience for our customers Partner with GTM and success teams to deeply understand customer needs for your product area, and anchor your team in those insights as well Work closely with engineers and product managers to define both the long-term strategy and the short-term investments for Benchmarking Play an active role in product strategy and vision for your team — not just “how this feature should look,” but more importantly…“what should we build in the first place?” Help build a design-first culture at Pave, where we want design to not just be a thing we do — but our superpower, and a clear differentiator

What You'll Bring

Experience working cross-functionally with product managers, engineers, and other designers to craft and iterate on both design and product strategy A relentless, customer-focused approach to design An incredibly high bar for visual design quality and polish An ability to propel projects and define measures of success, test your assumptions and outcomes, and continuously incorporate feedback A deep desire to constantly improve, up-level your quality of work, and collaborate with a fun team along the way

What You'll Get Out of It

You’re joining a rocketship — here at Pave, you’ll be joining a truly world class team with tremendous growth potential. We’re backed by top Silicon Valley investors Andreessen Horowitz(a16z), Y Combinator Continuity, and Bessemer Venture Partners.
You’ll be a part of our earliest team of product designers, so you get to help set the culture of product development, and coach and grow the team over time. You’ll be trusted to drive to impact from Day 1 — we’re looking for designers who are energized and excited about designing the future of the product, and trusting them fully to do that. You’ll have a blast — this is a fun, inclusive, collaborative, and kind group of people, excited about building a product that matters.


We take pride in shipping features quickly and delighting our customers. Our general principle is to pick modern technologies and simple processes that drive the success of our product.

  • Frontend Engineer Build the narrative between an employee and its company around value and incentives. Stack: Responsive web app, written w/ React ontop of Redux + Typescript

  • ** Backend Engineer**: Extract, normalize and secure store customer data from customer's compensation and capitalization tables. Stack: Hosted in GCP w/ plans to migrate to AWS. Written in typescript, hosted Google Cloud Functions backed by Firestore

  • ** Product Design & Product Manager** Drive the narrative between employers and employees about how their success grows with the company. Responsibilities: Communicate across all levels of financial literacy. Design tools ease painful HR processes, like benchmarking and promotions cycles.

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