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Full-Stack Developer

$60k - $100k0.00% - 1.00%

Copenhagen, Denmark / Remote
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1+ years
About Eduflow

Peergrade lets teachers and students run peer feedback sessions to learn critical thinking, how to give and receive feedback and how to take responsibility of their own learning.

Peergrade is almost 3 years old today. We are a 9 person team working primarily out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a pretty tight group of nerdy people, and fairly international (Denmark, US, Wales, Scotland, Brazil, Slovakia). We eat lunch together every day, eat pizza on Tuesdays (or something healthier) and often drink beers on Fridays. We believe in good product over clever sales and in building a company where few people can deliver a lot of value. We have been backed by YC, Learn Capital, Project A and many other investors over the last years. Peergrade as a product is complicated, detailed and technically challenging on many fronts. We believe that we deliver real value to our users (see some user feedback here:

We are a mostly technical team (out of 9 total people, 7 are technical), and we are looking to extend this technical team with 1-2 senior full-stack developers. We are looking for skilled developers, and people that are interested in building a real product for real users. We offer a market rate salary (in Denmark) and options.

About the role

Skills: Python, React

You will be working with the current team of 6 engineers to improve and extend our product. You will be working on full-stack problems all the way from the database (MongoDB) to the front-end (React). We push to production 10+ times a day, invite everyone on the team to participate in shaping the product and the tech stack and collaborate a lot on solving problems - not just within the engineering team but with the whole team.


Python (Django and Django Channels) React with Relay Postgres Redis

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Full-Stack Developer
Copenhagen, Denmark / Remote
Full Stack
$60k - $100k
0.00% - 1.00%
1+ years