Duffl (W20)
10-minute delivery service for college students.

Full Stack Software Engineer

$60k - $120k0.00% - 2.00%

Los Angeles or Remote / Remote
Any (new grads ok)
About Duffl

Duffl's mission is to empower students to better serve each other and the environment. We have built the world's fastest delivery service, offering an average of 10 minute deliveries for thousands of college students. We want to redefine the word "convenience" for our peers so that they can spend more time doing what they love, instead of walking to the store. As citizens of Earth, we are also committed to building the world's first net carbon neutral delivery service and accelerate the electrification of e-commerce.

About the role

Skills: Django, React, Swift

We are looking to recruit one Full Stack Software Engineer who has the innate desire to exceed expectations. Our engineers have worked at top tech companies like Robinhood and Norton, and have received offers at Uber, Amazon, etc. Although we are all young college students, we are looking to work with the best of the best to change the world for the better.

Please continue if you:
• Are young at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit
• Live or are down to relocate to Los Angeles
• Are very confident with ReactJS
• Are very confident with or confident in learning Django / DRF
• Have the ability to build an entire web application from scratch
• Have experience in Swift or confident in learning Swift
• Care more about learning than being right
• Want to work alongside young founders in the college market
• Can be described as hungry, humble and happy


Our tech stack is comprised of React frontend and Django backend. We are tackling problems such as building the most compelling digital store, personalization algorithms for our customers, recommendation algorithms for our storefront, pricing algorithms for our products, routing algorithms for our racers and supply chain UI for our managers. We have created simple solutions for 10 min deliveries, data-driven approaches to inventory curation and are committed to providing the best customer experience in every way. We are looking for A players and welcome anyone with an open-mind and a deep passion to learn.

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Full Stack Software Engineer
Los Angeles or Remote / Remote
Full Stack
$60k - $120k
0.00% - 2.00%
Any (new grads ok)