Kingdom Supercultures (S20)
New foods with microbes


Brooklyn, NY
Any (new grads ok)
About Kingdom Supercultures

Kingdom Supercultures makes it easy for food manufacturers to create exciting new products. We design new microbial cultures ("Supercultures") that power the production of entirely new kinds of foods that don't exist today.

Many of the most popular foods we eat are made by microbial cultures - chocolate, cheese, kombucha, beer, yogurt, and more. Our team is building an expansive scientific platform that will transform the process of new food invention from the hundreds of years it took our ancestors for each new food into a repeatable engineering endeavor that we can accomplish in the span of months. Our ultimate goal is to harness the power of biology to make our food system more natural, healthy, and sustainable.

About the role

Skills: Machine Learning, Data Analytics

Many of the most popular foods that we eat today (beer, wine, cheese, chocolate, yogurt, and more) are made by microbial communities. These ecosystems were discovered serendipitously by our ancestors over thousands of years, and now for the first time in history we have the opportunity to turn new food invention into a repeatable engineering endeavor through novel microbial culture design.

Our work is defining an entirely new engineering discipline - in which we rationally design microbial ecosystems to desired end-specifications from a nearly infinite design landscape. Until now, microbial work has focused on optimizing single strains to produce single compounds at really high titers. We are thinking about this in a fundamentally different way, in which the design of microbial communities is an entirely unharnessed modality for manufacturing, with applications first in food, but eventually also in agriculture, waste remediation, pharmaceuticals, and more.

We are rapidly expanding our team in Brooklyn, NY, and are looking for top creative scientists and engineers at all levels. You will be joining a world-class team that brings together the very best experimental and computational talent in genomics, microbiology, ecology, statistics, and machine learning. At Kingdom, you will have access to teammates, resources, and scale to address fundamental challenges in microbial community design that are simply not possible anywhere else.


Our team brings together world-class expertise in the microbiome and genomics fields, who have published nearly a dozen first-author papers in top journals like Science, Nature Biotech, and Nature Methods. Our technology platform allows us to access broad swaths of unexplored food-borne microbial diversity, to screen these strains for novel functionalities, and to assemble them into novel, stable microbial communities using proprietary experimental and computational approaches

Our work is defining an entirely new engineering discipline, in which we are building the capacity to design new microbial communities from scratch within a nearly infinite design space. This combines robotic and software automation, high throughput screening, microbiology, data science and statistics, machine learning, and genomics and in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

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Brooklyn, NY
Machine Learning
Any (new grads ok)