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The world's best API for real-time video: add video calls to your app or website with 2 lines of code.

Marketing Lead

$90k - $190k0.20% - 0.75%

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3+ years
About Daily

Daily is the developer platform for real-time video. With just a couple lines of code, you can add 1-click video calls to any site or app — in minutes, with features across use cases, on a global infrastructure. Developers can create custom UI/UX with our front-end libraries and REST APIs.

About the role

Be the first marketing hire at an early-stage, collaborative team going after a big market. We hire remote 🌐

At Daily, we build video APIs that let a developer add video chat to any site or app — in minutes, on a global infrastructure, with features for every use case and team. Live video has leapt into mainstream use, and this is just its first phase of growth.

Daily APIs are designed for this key shift, where video is part of how we live and work, and where developers build with services and rely on platforms — like Shopify, Stripe, and Daily — to launch, monetize and scale. With 10x growth this year, we serve teams like startups, high-growth YC teams and public companies in verticals such as healthcare, automotive and real estate.

We are excited to hire our first marketing teammate. Our goal is to be the leader in our global market, known by every developer. This is an opportunity to join an early-stage team, backed by stellar investors, going after a big market. (Our last publicly announced round was a $4.6mm seed.) We care deeply about what we build; believe we succeed when our customers succeed; and believe that kindness and diversity matter.

If you share these values and are a marketer with a track record of results, we’d love to talk.

The work

As the first marketing hire, you are responsible for driving awareness, leads, and acquisition. The role emphasizes metrics and work across disciplines. It does require content and SEO/SEM chops, as well as a knack for understanding the material that engages developers.

Metrics. Simply, you have to love metrics, and thrive with expectations. (We’re a startup that holds itself accountable.) These will include traditional top-of-the-funnel metrics, like traffic, leads across segments, and conversion rates. You’ll help us better understand what metrics are useful to our company-wide goals.

Full-stack marketing. You’re the first marketing hire, so you’ll work across product marketing, content marketing, audience segmentation, messaging, demand generation and more. You put together the strategy, and then do it. As a heads-up, short-term needs include the website, sales enablement material and SEO & analytics platform work.

Developer tools: We only succeed when developers succeed. Our Developer Relations group is focused on providing useful resources, like sample code and blog posts. A company priority is building the SEO/SEM machine so every developer knows about us in general, and our developer resources in particular. More broadly, you must quickly gain insight into developer tools, which are different from both enterprise and consumer. You’ll have an eye for the creativity, randomness, and usefulness developers embrace.

A couple last notes: we place great emphasis on clear writing and clean design. The ability to prioritize is key. There’s a great deal of work to do, and we need a teammate who gets what moves the needle. We are excited to get the chance to build something neat with each other. If you feel the same about great teams and big markets, please reach out, cheers.

What you’ll do

  • Awareness. Establish Daily.co as top of mind for every developer and product team
  • Value proposition/competitive. Work with the team to understand the the value that differentiate our company and product, define it and communicate it clearly to our audiences
  • Demand. Generate traffic, leads and sign-ups
  • Drive strategy, implementation, and hands-on implementation
  • Help build an SEO machine for the array of content we produce
  • Swiftly produce product communications, like sales enablement material and launch material
  • Produce and manage the marketing website. (An early priority is putting up some key landing pages, quickly, for example.)
  • Develop our content marketing strategy, and actively produce blog posts
  • Understand and optimize our funnel
  • Coordinate, produce and manage our social media channels
  • Work with our cofounders to hone our identity and messaging
  • Assess and implement performance marketing
  • Produce and analyze reporting about metrics across the funnel

Who you are

  • Committed to team culture and diversity
  • Have a track record (5+ years) of growth strategy, execution and results
  • Love early-stage, and excel even when there’s not structure (or where you have to create structure)
  • Write clearly
  • Big plus if you have experience in the developer tools ecosystem
  • Value design and have an eye for visual polish
  • Can work with cofounders

What we look for

Excellence requires diversity: we strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in technology to apply.

  • 5+ years experience
  • We don’t care if you went to college. We do care that you know how to think and write, and will ask for writing samples.
  • You can be anywhere in the US/Canada. If you have a track record of working remote, we are willing to consider other time zones.
  • You’ll be asked to complete a series of sample work; we’ll pay you.
  • Applying for jobs and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us. We wrote this to explain our hiring process.


  • We have firm salary bands plus equity, which are transparent and based on years of experience. $120,000 - $190,000, with $190k being our top band for 10+ years with significant lead experience. We evaluate experience relative to the experience of the other members of our team. (For example, our senior engineers have 10+ years experience.)
  • Compensation is independent of location, and we offer competitive benefits, including 4 weeks vacation, 4 months parental leave, healthcare reimbursement, IT budget, more.

More about us

  • Applying and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us. Read how we approach hiring.
  • Please learn about us, https://daily.co/jobs. As it says, we care deeply about what we build and seek kindness and diversity. Take care of yourself and your family's time.
  • We're a remote team of 15, growing fast. Our last public fundraising was a $4.6mm round led by Freestyle Ventures, with investors like Slack, Moxxie, SV Angel, and great angels like Aston Motes, April Underwood, Elizabeth & Kevin Weil, Scott Belsky, and more.

Apply now

If you're interested in joining us, please send email to [email protected].

Please make sure your application includes each of the below. We do not review applications without a writing sample or a cover email or letter. If you're applying via a jobs site, your application will not be reviewed if the platform simply forwards your resume.

  1. Tell us a little bit about why you're interested in what we're doing and any relevant experience you have, in a cover email or letter.
  2. Please include links to sample writing and work (like your GitHub or website).
  3. Attached your resume or LinkedIn.

Thank you!

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