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Genomic medicines that rejuvenate transplanted livers.

Computational Biologist

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Oxford, UK / Remote
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1+ years
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Skills: R, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  1. The Computational Biologist serves as the primary data analyst for the in vitro and ex vivo programmes. This includes modelling, integrating, and presenting transcriptomic, imaging, and screening/perfusion data as required. This also includes technical familiarity with the atlas to reference atlas results against experimental data.
  2. The Computational Biologist is expected to play a central role in assembling the data packages for the five lead assets and other interesting targets/leads, which includes presenting the data in a visually attractive and informative way that clearly communicates the points to non-specialists.
  3. The Computational Biologist is expected to maintain well annotated scripts of their analyses as R Markdown reports, and to make a library of simple visualisation functions available to the team so that they can engage their data without requiring much coding. Currently this is done by handing over data as .rda files bundled with the functions.
  4. While this role reports to the Lead Development Principal Scientist, mentorship will be provided by the Target Discovery Principal Scientist and CSO, which includes support for analytical techniques.

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. In your cover letter, please address the following:

  1. What type of position would you like to be in within three years?
  2. Your earliest start date.
  3. If applicable, 1-2 examples of computational/analysis data sets you've worked on and are most proud of (and what you did).
  4. 1-2 examples of work (or publications) you feel best highlight your scientific strengths and ability to meet demanding deadlines.

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