Spellbrush (W18)

AI-powered artist for games, animation, and film.

AI Research Intern

San Francisco, CA / Remote
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About Spellbrush

We're a small, tight-knit team of MIT-trained researchers applying the latest advancements in deep learning for anime and video games.

Our AI artist assistant helps illustrators and animators finish pieces up to 10x faster by automating away much of the manual labor involved in shading, rendering, and coloring.

Generated Anime Face 1 Generated Anime Face 2 Generated Anime Face 3

None of the above three images were drawn by human artists. All three were drawn entirely by artificial intelligence! No human post processing involved.

We can also get the AI to animate our generated characters too if we ask nicely enough!

Generated Character Animated Character

About the role

Skills: Python, Linux, Deep Learning, TensorFlow

We’re looking for an AI/ML Research intern to join our small, talented team to develop the next software revolution in art.


  • Familiarity with Tensorflow
  • Experience implementing and debugging CNNs
  • Interest in art for the initial target markets: anime, games, and comics

The Job

Work alongside our talented and tight-knit team to train and improve our deep learning models! We're working on:

  • Image-domain classifiers
  • Segmentation networks
  • Generative adversarial networks

Over course of the internship, you'll get the chance to work on your own independent research project, with guidance and mentorship from our staff researchers, and ample access to our on-premise GPU cluster.

All three founders were founders/engineers at other YC companies before starting at Spellbrush. We know just how great the small company experience can be. Even as an intern, you'll be included in high-level meetings and have a chance to shape our technology decisions and product roadmap.

To apply

  • In your interest note, please let us know who best waifu/husbando is :)

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