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Responsive images as a service, delivered by CDN.

Director of Marketing

San Francisco, CA, USA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
About imgix

At imgix, we are building the "graphics card" for the Internet. We provide image and visual media processing on-demand via a URL-based API. We connect to a customer's existing images (e.g. S3 bucket) and then provide a domain they can use to access those images dynamically, creating any number of sizes, crops, adjustments, and other variants of those images. Think of it like Photoshop's "Save for Web" feature but for a million images at a time.

About the role

imgix is looking for an experienced marketing professional to help us define and execute our strategy for increasing our brand awareness and growing our customer base. The ideal candidate would be capable and willing to dive headfirst into our current marketing efforts, grow them, and shape them into a cohesive strategy that we can grow a team around.

Most of our growth strategy to date has been focused towards generating new small to mid-size business leads. As we continue to evolve our product line, we plan to move up market, which will involve new strategies and a deeper interaction between marketing and sales. The person functioning in this role would be helping us make this a reality.

What we are looking for

  • Direct experience in (or comparable relevant experience paired with an interest in) marketing and growing SaaS business models.
  • A take-charge attitude, whether it means performing boots-on-the-ground tasks oneself or securing the resources necessary to get things done faster.
  • A high attention to detail and a healthy respect for design. We pride ourselves on our written content, our design standards, and the public persona we have built. We expect any candidate for this role to feel similarly.
  • A metrics-driven approach to validating strategies and campaigns.
  • An instinct towards delegating, whether it be through building out a team or outsourcing to capable third-parties.
  • Developer marketing skills, including developer relations strategy, would be ideal but not required.

About the role

  • This role reports directly to the CEO and operates with input from the entire executive team.
  • Key areas of focus will include marketing, advertising, developer relations, and events.
  • Marketing and growth projects will often leverage resources from the Design, Engineering and Customer Success teams. In these cases, it will be the responsibility of the Director of Marketing to abide by the established processes for scheduling and delivering work defined by those teams.
  • The quantity of sales accepted leads will ultimately be the measurement by which this role is evaluated.
  • The technologies we use for the purposes of marketing and growth include (but are not limited to) Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Dropbox Paper, and Google Sheets. Additionally, we use products such as Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads to advertise our products. Segment ties all of these things together.

About imgix

imgix is building the future of visual media on the Internet. imgix operates the premier solution to deliver impactful, engaging, highly responsive and super fast imagery to eyeballs around the world. Our service consists of a top tier image delivery platform tightly coupled with imgix's proprietary, on-demand image processing pipeline. It provides customers with great design flexibility while reducing the engineering investment required to serve state-of-the-art visual media. imgix enables our customers to greatly increase the value of their imagery and get back to building awesome things.

Under normal circumstances, we are located in downtown San Francisco, close to BART, Caltrain, and a really good sandwich place. With COVID, we are working remotely and will be remote-friendly going forward even after the pandemic is under control and we can return to the office. Employee benefits are comprehensive (401k, medical, dental and vision), perks are generous (catered lunches, paid rides home, the occasional team outing), vacation time is flexible, and salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide employees with anything they (reasonably) need to be effective in their work: funky keyboards, standing desks, a desk cactus, and maybe even a laptop. The troposphere is the limit.

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Director of Marketing
San Francisco, CA, USA / Remote
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