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Make web apps easier to navigate and learn.

Software engineering / Product Intern

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About Command Bar

Web apps have worked the same way for two decades: lots of clicking buttons and menus. You can probably remember an occasion when you spent way too much time trying to figure how to do something you knew was possible inside a web app.

Command Bar is changing this: we make any app easy to use by letting users search for functionality when they want it. Want to edit your profile? No need to go on a scavenger hunt through the app. Open the command bar, search for “edit profile”, click return.

We're building a better way for humans to use software. If you're inspired to help internet businesses keep users happy and productive, come join!

About the role

Our customers rely on Command Bar to deliver a reliable and delightful experience for their end users. As a Software Engineering / Product Intern at Command Bar, you'll be working alongside the founders on all facets of our product. You'll have the opportunity to own projects end-to-end (product design -> front-end development) that impact thousands of users, in pursuit of a better way for humans to interact with software. We're looking for someone who's entrepreneurial and who's excited to learn at a fast-paced startup.

Required: React experience. Can be full-time professional experience or demonstrated via personal projects.

Ideal candidate: Entrepreneurial, wants to be a founder eventually, has interned previously as an engineer and is looking to take the next step in a role that has end-to-end ownership of a piece of our product.

What's not required:

  • Full-time enrollment in a CS degree program
  • Full-time work experience
  • Server-side experience

What we look for to understand a candidate:

  • A passion for our product and mission. You will not enjoy working at Command Bar if you aren't excited to think and talk about the product all the time :)
  • Portfolio: we look to professional contributions, side projects, and open-source contributions as the strongest indicators of engineering and product design aptitude.

START DATE: 10/12/2020

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