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MindsDB is an Open-Source AutoML that allows Developers to do machine learning in one line of code.

Backend Engineer

London / Remote
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1+ years
About MindsDB

MindsDB is a venture capital funded startup backed by YCombinator as well as the founders of MariaDB and Apache Storm. We are an open source autoML built for developers, and our mission is to democratize machine learning.

How did we get here? Long story short, many years ago, while studying in Australia, between exam, Adam (Finance) and Jorge (CS) became good friends. Years went by as they do, and a problem kept presenting itself to us. Applying Machine Learning to forecast from data (the hot thing back then and now), and the more we did it, the clearer it got. The fundamentals of applying ML are like lego-building blocks that can be automated and scaled. Today much of this work is known as AutoML.

If only many more people could do Data Science? We launched MindsDB with the goal of bringing machine learning to as many people as we could, and we wanted to start by focusing on developers; with only 1 out of 100 developers knowing machine learning well, it simply made sense to make MindsDB a dev-tool and a cloud-agnostic open-source company.

About the role

Skills: Python, Linux

We are building MindsDB, an open-source explainable AutoML tool. We want to give everyone the ability to make informed predictions, using state-of-the-art ML models, with just a few lines of code.

We're looking for an exceptional software engineer to join our backend team and work on a variety of problems ranging from data engineering, to building http & websocket & mysql-server APIs, to algorithm optimization, to deployment pipelines, to devops. You will be part of the ML engineering team, working closely with its other 3 members, but also the frontend and ML research teams.

You should be eager to breakdown problems, learn the codebase & product, take responsibility, refine specifications, and hack away at a wide array of challenges.

Most important of all, is that you actually like MindsDB and believe in what we are trying to accomplish.

We want to democratize Machine Learning and we want to make it explainable, most ML solutions out there focus on just making predictions, we also focus on the question:

  • What is interesting in my data and why?
  • When should I not trust this model and why?
  • How can I improve this model?
  • Why did the model give this prediction?

Most MindsDB's products are open source and our company embraces a fully remote workstyle, ideally, you should have some experience working remotely and prefer this setup compared to office jobs.

You should be confident that you can solve the following challenge: https://github.com/mindsdb/mindsdb_native/issues/96

Note: The challenge will only be required after an interview and we will be paying all candidates for their work on the challenge.


  • An expert in python

  • A Linux hacker, able to craftily wield the shell and the Coreutils.

  • Basic understanding of networking, computer hardware and various server providers (AWS, GCP and ideally Azure).

  • Bonus point if you are used to working on Windows and OSX and/or have experience creating installers & building multi-platform libraries and applications with python.

  • You should enjoy and be good at working remotely, collaborating with people from different timezones and able to express yourself fluently via chat (slack).

Our Commitments:

MindsDB is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and contractors. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, you may contact our HR Manager at [email protected].

Our international team of employees and contractors work remotely across numerous time zones. MindsDB recognises that a better work-life balance can improve employee motivation, performance and productivity, and reduce stress. Therefore the organisation wants to support its employees to achieve a better balance between work and their other priorities, such as caring responsibilities, leisure activities, further learning and other interests. The organisation is committed to agreeing any flexible working arrangements, provided that the needs and objectives of both the organisation and the employee can be met - we encourage candidates to discuss their flexibility needs at interview.

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