Sorting Robotics (W19)
We create automation technology for the cannabis industry.

Mid-Level Robotics Engineer

$75k - $130k0.25% - 1.00%

Van Nuys, CA
3+ years
About Sorting Robotics

We build computer vision powered robots that automate and improve human-centric processes for companies.

Our first robot sorted Magic: The Gathering cards and we sold units to the biggest trading card companies in the North American market. As of Fall 2019 we sold that product line and pivoted into focusing solely on automation for the blossoming cannabis industry.

Our most recent system sorts biomass, and looks to improve the efficiencies of all downstream processes by removing undesirable waste material, in addition to allowing customers to sort by size, color, strain, and more.

We are currently working on automation for oil cartridge filling, and improving the efficiency of packaging processes in the cannabis industry by introducing novel robotics to join processes together.

About the role

Skills: C, Python, Raspberry Pi

You will work to develop new robotic systems for the cannabis market. This would require the ability to rapidly design, develop, and test hardware/electronic components.


  • Program 6DOF arms and other robotics architectures to build a product that serves a market need.
  • Initial concept, design, GD&T drawings, assessment of mass, cost, manufacturing feasibility, function, rapid prototyping using 3D printing, etc.
  • Develop parametric design concepts and production designs.
  • Optimize the concepts and designs with analytical and physical modelling/simulation.
  • Interface with suppliers for manufacturing feasibility, validation, and other engineering activities as specified for the assigned commodity.
  • Help deliver world-class craftsmanship, fit/finish and support for successful product launch.
  • Assemble and install machines to customers across the nation. Travel is approximately 1-5% of your time.


  • Capability to own the designs from cradle to grave and be responsible for their technical success.
  • Examples of working on 6DOF or similar cobot arms.
  • Previous experience in using python to control robotic systems.
  • BS in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or similar.
  • Possesses technical knowledge and expertise in robotics, automation, or related field.
  • Previous experience in electromechanical design either in a team setting or a personal project.
  • Experience with leading hardware/software development, prototype design, fabrication and testing.
  • Has previously participated in an R&D team from concept to delivery.
  • Previous experience using ROS.


  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering B.S. with a Computer Science M.S.
  • Experience with robotic systems in either a professional or personal setting.
  • Capability to iteratively design using prototyping tools eg. CAD, laser cutter, 3D printing, CNC machines, Eagle PCB.
  • Knowledge of relevant manufacturing processes for production and prototype.
  • Has previously programmed a full robotics architecture from the ground up.
  • Has examples of software work demonstrating a full stack knowledge base.
  • Able to work extended hours and weekends as needed.
  • Be able to take initiative on other roles the company needs to succeed.
  • Has previously participated in an R&D team from concept to delivery.

As you will be working directly with the founders, expect to learn a lot in a short amount of time. This is a "get your hands dirty" technical leadership position. There will be long hours and days where nothing works; but in the end you will be working on multi-million dollar product in a room full of people that appreciate you. Welcome aboard!


We operate at the intersection of software and hardware, building a full stack solution to inventory management. Our tech stack includes: Android, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Python, AWS, mechatronics, industrial design, manufacturing, Solidworks, and embedded systems. Creating a robotic system is the easiest it has ever been, but it is still incredibly difficult because software has to blend with dynamic hardware in a seamless fashion.

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Mid-Level Robotics Engineer
Van Nuys, CA
$75k - $130k
0.25% - 1.00%
3+ years