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Understand and operate your services

Founding Engineer

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Any (new grads ok)
About Cortex

Cortex automatically catalogs all internal services + their dependencies, ownership info (tied to your identity provider like Okta), and then surfaces interesting insights to your teams, such as team level SLA conformance or "scorecards" for how production ready a service is.

About the role

Skills: Java, Kotlin, React

What is Cortex? Cortex ( is a tool that lets engineering teams understand and improve their service oriented architecture. We aggregate data from tools like Datadog, Pagerduty, and Okta, and let teams build rules on top of that data to define and track progress against service quality standards.

Why join us?

Microservices have introduced a whole set of organizational challenges within teams and the current range of solutions to solve those challenges are really bad (excel sheets or confluence tables). You'd be given a ton of ownership and opportunities to really make an outsized impact on our team. We have several interesting engineering and product challenges to solve, and your input will directly influence the direction of our product.

What is the role? We're an early stage (YC and Sequoia backed) company, so you'll be working on a little bit of everything.

  • Building integrations with third party data sources (e.g. SonarQube, Datadog, Confluence)
  • Building out a live graph of services and their dependencies
  • Adding new functionality to our app (React + Typescript)
  • Exposing third party data in our REST API (Kotlin)
  • Adding functionality to our rules engine (ANTLR grammar for language, kotlin evaluator)

What's our stack?

  • Kotlin + Spring Boot
  • Postgres
  • Typescript + React + Bootstrap
  • Kubernetes (GKE)

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Founding Engineer
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