Okay (W20)

Dashboards and actionable insights for high-performing engineering teams

Fullstack Senior Engineer (2nd Engineer)

$150k0.50% - 1.00%

San Francisco
Job Type
6+ years
About Okay

Okay builds dashboards for engineering leaders so they can build high-performing teams. We connect with all the tools teams are already using (JIRA, Github, GCal, PagerDuty, etc.) and derive insights on how to deliver projects faster, how to improve quality and how to reduce meetings and interruptions. We are hiring our 2nd engineer!

Okay was founded in 2019 by experienced engineering leaders (Box, Google, Checkr). We have 10 years of experience running 150+ ppl engineering teams. We are against employee monitoring and instead believe trust, transparency and psychological safety are foundational values. In our experience the best teams have a healthy continuous improvement practice of leveraging the right data to detect and solve their obstacles quickly. Okay is already in use at Brex and Plaid. We were in the W20 batch of Y Combinator and a top tier VC and prominent angels led our seed round earlier this year.

We are going after a 2.5B+ opportunity in the US to enable high-performing and engaged engineering teams

About the role

You Will

  • Work with Node, Vue, Typescript, DBT, Postgres, Kubernetes, GCP services and Figma to own and solve problems across the stack
  • Build new features that help our customers improve their teams
  • Collaborate closely with the team, customers and prospects for effective product discovery and feature development

You May Be Fit For This Role If You

  • Are passionate about making the lives of engineering teams more productive and happy with a customer-first approach
  • Have ideally 6+ years of experience shipping high-quality products
  • Have a growth mindset and are ready to adapt to the rapid pace of a startup
  • Can quickly learn, evaluate and stitch together technologies even if you haven’t worked with them before
  • Thoughtfully balance product velocity to achieve product market fit with high standards for engineering, security and design best practices

You Might Work On

  • Building a quality module that will help teams analyze various quality signals to effectively reduce tech debt, monitor overnight page load, and improve responsiveness to customer bugs
  • Architecting the events API that will allow our users to send custom events that aren’t available in existing tools
  • Analyzing data from Github to discover insights that will make it easier for users to detect and solve development bottlenecks
  • Designing the UX for our Feed product that will allow users to search, filter, and navigate all the data from the different sources Okay connects with

Our Values

Engineer-first: Although our primary users are managers, we make sure that any Okay feature is empowering engineers on their teams. An engineer recently shared this with us: “My manager was showing Okay during one of our regular sync meetings, I was so excited I've been telling everyone I know (who's listened to years of me saying we should build this)”

Actionable: Dashboards and metrics are only useful if they lead to action. Everything we build leads to a specific action to improve your team.

Plug-and-Play: Most of our features are automatically derived from connected tools. We work hard to reduce any extra-tagging, manual categorization or any other form of bean-counting.

You can apply here or send us an email to [email protected].

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