Release (W20)

Environments as a service

UI/UX Designer (Contract)

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3+ years
About Release

Every company that is building software has to manage environments. This is time consuming and takes away from building things customers want. Most companies have one or few staging environments that become bottlenecks as code must run in staging before releasing to production. Applications are also getting more and more complex and development is getting harder to do on your laptop. Release solves these problems by making repeatable environments for every developer on every Pull Request.

About the role

Skills: CSS, HTML

We're looking for a Designer that we'd like a regular relationship with to take on various web and product design projects for our frontend team. We currently don't have a full time designer but find ourselves needing someone to help make things look great from time to time as we build out the early version of our product. Initially we need help cleaning up a few external facing pages and addressing some usability issues within the product. We will then need help with a refresh of our external marketing pages to align more closely with what we've learned talking to our early users and customers. We've also been doing a lot of work on our customer story and want to make the product feel amazing in a space where design hasn't been a key differentiator. We think there is a need for a developer tools company who puts users first and delights them. We do anticipate the amount of work growing over time which could lead to a full time role as our needs grow.

  • Experience working with Material-UI
  • Building design systems
  • Collaborating with the team using Figma
  • Designs intended to be built with React (product)
  • Designs intended to be built with Gatsby (product marketing pages)
  • Experience working directly with a frontend engineering team

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UI/UX Designer (Contract)
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3+ years