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PersistIQ is a free email automation platform to send a small batch of personalized emails.

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3+ years
About PersistIQ

Most enterprise software is still complicated for end users. At PersistIQ, we're building communication and workflow software that has consumer-like accessibility and user experience. Sales teams at over 600 companies like Carta (eShares), Signifyd, RapidMiner, Vend, and ThreatMetrix use PersistIQ every day to communicate with their customers, stay organized, and drive more effective B2B customer acquisition.

The Problem Most companies quickly discover that CRM alone is not sufficient to drive B2B customer acquisition. CRM is primarily a database and typically a burden for salespeople, who are required to manually enter data so managers can pull reports. There’s a big gap in the market for a system that improves how salespeople work and how sales teams collaborate, learn, and grow.

Our Solution Think of PersistIQ as a recipe builder for sales. Salespeople use PersistIQ to combine ingredients like emails, calls, and tasks, to create structured workflows for personalized communication. These workflows help salespeople in the following ways:

  • know what to do each day to achieve their goals
  • increase sales activity numbers (emails, calls, etc..) by at least 3x
  • eliminate missed followups with prospects
  • regain three hours each day, which was previously spent on planning, data entry, and manual work

In addition, intelligent safety checks in PersistIQ prevent costly mistakes, such as reaching out to an existing customer or sending an email with missing information. CRM sync automatically updates records and logs activities, and the chrome extension frees salespeople to work from any website, not just PersistIQ or their CRM. The system is highly collaborative, which helps sales teams learn what works through a data-driven approach, then easily scale it across the team.

Our emphasis on design and simplicity makes powerful software accessible to front-line sales reps with little to no training, which eliminates adoption issues plagued by most sales software.

About the role

We recently launched a free-tier for our product and we're looking for someone to lead its growth.

This is a role we're looking to hire for ASAP initially as a consulting project (1-2hrs a week or more).

We're looking for help with:

  • driving top-of-funnel growth to our free tier
  • helping us with messaging for the marketing use case
  • assist with building user personas

PersistIQ is a four-person team servicing 700+ small businesses and startups from around the world. We're looking for someone to help us continue to build on the momentum we have had over the last several months.

There is an opportunity for full-time as well.

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Help us grow our free tier
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