Legionfarm (W20)
We connect gamers with training and assistance from Pro players

VP of Marketing

San Francisco, Singapore, Moscow, Remote / Remote
6+ years
About Legionfarm

Legionfarm lets gamers pay to play with professional players, helping customers have more fun playing, learn to be a better gamer, and conquer difficult parts of video games.

Legionfarm Pros want to monetize their skills by turning their hobbies into real careers. They are the top 1% of players. They have a massive impact on the success of gaming companies - and we want to allow these top players to hold their dream jobs in virtual worlds.

Over the past year, Legionfarm organized over 400,000 gaming sessions with our 7,000 Pros.

Legionfarm provides access to unique entertainment on a global scale while creating new jobs in virtual worlds at the same time

About the role

Legionfarm lets casual gamers pay to play with the top 0.1% of players in online games, helps customers have more fun playing, learn to be a better gamer, and conquer difficult parts of video games. Over the past year, Legionfarm organized over 400,000 gaming sessions with our 7,000+ pros. At the moment, our team has 85+ people. Part of the team works remotely, while the other part is located in San Francisco, Singapore, Moscow, and Akademgorodok offices. Funded by Y Combinator, Twitch co-founder and dozens of VCs and Angels.

What you will be doing:

  • Take on work with earned & owned media.
  • Work with our CMO to identify and achieve short and long-term goals of the marketing department.

Approximate profile of an ideal candidate for this position:

  • Earned, paid, and owned channels are not new to you. Previously, you created and optimized such processes quickly and systematically.
  • Bloggers || streamers || YouTubers || integrations - you used to do it in large volumes with a positive ROI.
  • On our platform, more than a thousand professional players who can create content themselves while working for our customers. We want to control and systematize this process so that their content turns into money. You have probably managed hundreds of micro influencers before or just know how to work with massive Ops in marketing.
  • An experienced manager who led more than one team and achieved success. You are longing to grow in a rapidly growing startup in the US market.
  • Very strong in analytics, mathematical mindset. It’s important to us that you know how to build logical interconnections using numbers and communicate using numbers within the company.
  • You love and understand the gaming industry, and play games yourself. This is necessary to communicate with users, after all, this will be a huge part of your job.
  • You know how to work in companies that are in the lead. In companies that are market trendsetters. Those who are first to scout difficult places, and in conditions of uncertainty, launch businesses there.
  • Energetic, proactive. Structural thinker, understand how to prioritize thoughts.
  • You always measure success in money and consider it your primary goal to ensure company growth every month.
  • The entire team is working on one KPI - revenue.

Another important thing: members of our team already had several cashouts. There is an option program that applies to your role. We expect you to make a significant contribution to the growth of the company and mean that if successful, after a few years you will cash out your shares. But this is not only about money - we are disrupting the gaming industry, creating new jobs in video games.

If you already work somewhere and you like everything, but at the same time understand that this vacancy is about you, just come and have a chat. We will share insights and be friends.

As a response, we prepared: A company that is 4 years old, we generate 8-digit $ revenue annually. Our mentors and partners are founders of Twitch, top managers at Google US, Uber US, and other good companies. We are a Y Combinator backed company, so you can access almost any industry experts you want. There are 85+ people in the team. These are middle, senior, and senior+ level guys that are coming from large companies and startups, they are charged with one common idea of in-game jobs and move forward head-on.

At the moment, we operate in almost all markets, except Asia. We are being used by pro-layers and clients from 50+ countries across the entire world. Our focus and main market is USA. We have freedom of speech/used channels/resources, let's discuss the degree of freedom! Lok'tar Ogar!!!

About us: Forbes — https://clc.to/Forbes_about_us Тechcrunch — https://clc.to/techcrunch_about_us

Join us! Let’s start! What’s next:

  1. Send us an email to [email protected]
  2. Don’t forget to tell us about your achievements, team sizes, main tasks at your current/previous job →
  3. Our recruiter will coordinate your interview further.


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VP of Marketing
San Francisco, Singapore, Moscow, Remote / Remote
6+ years