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Marketing Guru

New York, NY / Remote
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1+ years
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Skills: SQL

We believe marketers come in two forms: artists or scientists. Artists create beautiful brands that connect with people. They are often the minds behind a viral campaign or a beautiful offline scheme. Scientists are quantitative, they focus on engineering the infrastructure to measure and deliver engagement at certain metrics.

We need a scientist.

140 Twitter Punchline on Betterfin: We help business owners get access to capital. Our platform is integrated with banks, bureaus, lenders, and software of all kinds to aggregate credit and financial data all in one place.

More on Betterfin: We are backed by YC, Initialized, Hillsven. We are seed-stage with less than 10 employees. We are fully remote for now, with a dog-friendly office in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We are growing our product beyond loans and into taking the concept of Quickbooks or Mint into forecasting. We want to build the LogDNA for SMB cash.

Marketing Role:

  1. User acquisition/lead generation helps the company grow by the direct acquisition of actual and potential customers. Lead generation involves multiple channels, including search engine marketing (SEM/paid), search engine optimization (SEO/unpaid), social (paid and unpaid), and content advertising.

  2. Marketing communications aka “MarCom” (and sometimes PR), defines the company and executive narratives, working with media, through conferences, and other avenues to raise awareness and understanding.

  3. Retention/engagement focuses on getting the users you’ve already acquired to stay engaged. Key efforts here typically include messaging (email, in app) to follow up with and incentivize users, as well as re-targeting campaigns.

  4. Research/analytics develops informed points of view on non-financial but critical measures of performance, such as: brand awareness, target users, competitive positioning, etc. Best practices here include leveraging both primary and secondary research sources.

What is not as important: creative, design, community building. We need someone to focus on CAC, LTV, Revenue, Conversions, Reporting, Growth. Super bonus for experience in finance or small business as customers.

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