SIRUM is a “” for unused medicine. We connect institutional surplus medicine with safety-net clinics.

Partnership Success Associate

Palo Alto, CA, USA
Job Type
1+ years

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Our goal is to leverage the ~$10B of surplus that goes to waste every year to improve health equity for families who need it most. Everyone deserves the medications they need to stay healthy. We deliver on this promise by ensuring medicine prices that are low, stable, & transparent and that families’ health comes before profit.

Founded at Stanford University and a Y Combinator Alumni, we’re a fast-growing, non-profit, for-impact startup at the intersection of health tech + social enterprise. Our platform supplies $250,000 worth of medications to people in need every week, sourced from hundreds of medicine donors across dozens of states. Join us in building a national solution to the drug pricing epidemic that has been featured on The TODAY Show, The New York Times, and Forbes.

About the role

We are the nation’s largest medicine redistributor. To continue our historic growth rate of 60% each year, this will be an intense startup role with no typical day. Best of all, you will see a direct and immediate impact of your work on the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of patients.

You will be the first hire for this role in our small, growing team based in Palo Alto. You will play an integral role on our team, making sure that all the life-saving donations go from medicine donors to our charitable partners without a hitch and helping to make sure our existing and new donors have the supplies and training they need to donate. The work will include being the first line of contact for all inbound communication to SIRUM and assisting with some general office tasks.

Our future teammate will focus their impact on:

Supporting our medicine donor community. We support and provide top-class service to our amazing community of nurses, technicians, pharmacists, and administrators that actively donate their surplus medicine every day.

Onboarding new medicine donors. Medicine surplus exists all over the supply chain from manufacturers and pharmacies to thousands of health facilities like nursing homes, and we actively seek new donors in order to help more patients around the country access donated medicine.

Oversee all donations through our platform. Each year thousands of donations are processed through our system.

Our future teammate will be:

  • Passionate about our mission to get every pill to a person in need, our belief that we can use technology to correct this market inefficiency, and our eagerness to build a national solution.
  • Customer-focused. You love helping customers troubleshoot their issues and find great satisfaction in answering their questions on phone, video, email, or text.
  • Great on the phone and love it. You’d be excited to spend 2-3 hours/day on calls, moving between a quick call to help a current donor get more supplies, to a phone meeting helping a pharmacist with their first donation, to an onboarding call to virtually train a nursing team.
  • Responsive and timely. You are one of the most responsive people you know. You pride yourself on being timely, don’t like to have things linger, want to clean out your inbox and task list, and like to get everything in its place.
  • Detail-oriented. You have a great deal of precision, implementing the rigor needed to work in healthcare where the work you do impacts the lives of others. You can get to 100% when needed.
  • A self-starter and embrace change. You have some experience in start-ups, like a fast-paced environment, and enjoy the changes of an organization always striving to improve. New tool to streamline tracking shipments? No problem. New software to link our webform data into a mass email tool? Love it!

Position Roadmap

Within 1 month you’ll:

  • Shadow all inbound faxes, calls, and emails for 1 week and then lead with a teammate for 1 week.
  • Shadow 5 and then lead 5 donation feedback calls with teammates.
  • Be familiar with the operational differences between our main donor segments, staff, and geographies.
  • Shadow managing our internal donation tracking dashboard (affectionately named Bertha) for 1 week and then lead with a teammate for 1 week. Whether it’s through faxes (yes, healthcare still uses faxes!), text, emails, or calls, you’ll make sure each donation is picked up, shipped, and received and all the necessary donation information is logged in the right spot and communicated with the right partners.
  • Shadow and then lead weekly drug data entry tasks and communication with SIRUM’s third-party vendors.

Within 2 months you’ll:

  • Be SIRUM’s main inbound communications lead, responding to faxes, calls, and emails in < 24 hrs by efficiently and accurately resolving them yourself or referring them to the correct teammate.
  • Be the main point of contact supporting our donors, resolving all issues within ~1 interaction, providing feedback, and making sure they have the supplies they need.
  • Shadow 5 and then lead 5 onboarding calls and follow-ups for each of our main donor segments to train new staff in making their first donation and oversee these relationships to keep the donations ongoing.
  • Be the primary team member managing our donation tracking dashboard, being able to troubleshoot independently all non-tech related issues.

Within 3 months you’ll:

  • Assist with quarterly donor invoice creation, notifications, and reminders.
  • Implement and help develop opportunities to provide positive engagement to build our donor community including working with SIRUM advisors and sending out, for example, Happy Nurses Week emails, thank you letters, and referral programs.
  • Fully own donor onboarding and follow up for our main donor segments.
  • Identify and contact existing donors that may have new staff using established internal tools and Salesforce reports.
  • Be an expert on all the operational differences between donor types across our various geographies.

Within 6 months you’ll:

  • Provide suggestions and edits to internal workflows and template replies for donor inbounds based on your learnings. Help train and cross-train other SIRUM staff on inbounds.
  • Provide suggestions and edits to onboarding scripts and processes based on your learnings. Help train and cross-train other SIRUM staff on donor onboarding.
  • Provide suggestions to improve and streamline Bertha. Help train and cross-train other SIRUM staff on Bertha.

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