Latchel (W19)

24/7 emergency maintenance department for property managers and landlords.

Customer Service Supervisor / Operations Manager

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3+ years
About Latchel

Latchel supports property management companies and landlords across the US. Our primary service troubleshoots and dispatches 24/7 emergencies for property managers. We work with a company's existing vendors if they have them and provide vendors when their vendors are unavailable or they don't have them. We provide diagnostic, troubleshooting, and dispatching services so property managers have more free time and less frustration. We use technology to improve the experience for renters and vendors and make our operations processes more efficient.

Latchel offers services in several multi-billion dollar industries. Property management is a $72B industry in the US; contractor services are worth hundreds of billions. Both of these industries are underserved by technology and suffer from low market penetration and extreme fragmentation. At Latchel, we believe we understand the reasons for low market penetration and take a different approach than other companies in the field. We'd love to talk to you more about this. Please apply to one of the jobs below so we can talk more about this challenge. Want to learn more about working at Latchel? Read our Leadership Principles:

About the role

Opportunity and Impact You will be leading Latchel's customer service and operations team. We are a seed stage startup with 30 team members, 1/3rd of which are in customer service operations. You will be helping build stronger processes, routines, and onboarding plans for new customer service associates to support a customer obsessed culture. We have robust processes for our front line associates. Your focus will be on strategy for measuring and improving customer service and building the tactical routines and processes for our team leads.

About Latchel Latchel provides 24 hour maintenance for property managers across the US. We receive resident maintenance requests directly from the residents, screen and troubleshoot potential emergencies, and dispatch and coordinate maintenance as needed. With COVID-19 our growth rate is increasing as property managers need more remote solutions. We also have product packages that help property managers reduce costs (and even earn more revenues from their existing properties), so the economic crisis has resulted in more growth.

We are an early stage (seed funded; <$5M raised) startup (W19) with over $1MM ARR and high gross margins.

Teams You Will Manage

  1. In-house, fully remote customer service associates. They take customer inquiries and requests via calls, emails, web chat, SMS. In addition they work through a set of task queues to help progress maintenance work orders in our system when human intervention is required.
  2. In-house, fully remote customer service team leads. We call these team members problem solvers. They handle more complex cases our associates cannot handle and will troubleshoot issues or escalate to our account management team if it is a systemic account configuration issue.
  3. On-demand, fully remote contractors. Think of these people as "Uber for maintenance troubleshooting" These people provide Latchel with their availability and when there's a maintenance request that needs troubleshooting (before dispatching), they'll get on the phone (or video chat) with the resident to try to walk them through solving the issue.

You will report directly to the COO and co-founder, Will Gordon.

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