DeepSource (W20)
DeepSource finds and automatically fixes bugs during code reviews.

Developer Advocate

San Francisco, CA
3+ years
About DeepSource

DeepSource continuously analyzes source code changes and finds issues categorized under security, performance, anti-patterns and bug-risks. DeepSource integrates with GitHub/GitLab and runs analysis on every commit and pull request, discovers and fixes potential issues before they make it to production.

About the role

DeepSource is working on building tools that help developers ship good code. There are over 40 million developers in the world, and all of them write and review code in some form. There’s a massive opportunity to impact how software is built right from where the code is written using automation and intelligence, which not only improves developer productivity but also increases software’s robustness.

As a Developer Advocate, you will be responsible for building a strong developer community around DeepSource. In addition to advocacy, you will also have shared responsibilities for user education and community engagement.

As a developer advocate, you will:

  • Initiate new projects and technical integrations between DeepSource and tools in the broader ecosystem. Build demos, webinars, white papers, and tutorials about emerging technologies and industry developments.
  • Collaborate with internal teams on the product roadmap, market positioning, messaging, and developer program initiatives.
  • Gain industry recognition and credibility as an attendee, panelist, and speaker at conferences and events.
  • Deliver compelling presentations, product demos, sample solutions, technical blogs, and discussions to drive the adoption of DeepSource.
  • Scale, extend and drive the global expansion of existing community-focused programs, for example, Hackathons, User Groups, and Meet-ups.
  • Build relationships with community enthusiasts in the field to improve the experience of the open-source developer community.

What we're looking for:

  • Experience writing code, contributing to and understanding the community aspects of open source projects. You don’t need a Computer Science degree, but you should be able to create sample projects and code tutorials.
  • A track record of speaking at conferences and meetups, and the examples to back it up.
  • Experience working with data science and analytics tools is a plus.
  • You enjoy networking and speaking -- we’re looking for someone who is energized by meeting new people.
  • Stand out verbal and written communication skills.
  • Self-starter with the ability to succeed in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.
  • Previous experience working with developer tool products is a huge plus.


Our front-end web servers are written in Python (Django) and analysis orchestration systems are written in Go. We use Kubernetes for scheduling and analysis orchestration. We have the following teams: Platform, Analyzer, Infrastructure. Our analyzer team works primarily on adding new issues, optimizing existing issues to reduce false positives on all of our analyzers.

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