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Payroll infrastructure to help companies build their own payroll.

Product Engineer (Full-Stack Role)

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San Francisco / Remote
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Any (new grads ok)
About Puzzl


Puzzl is a fintech startup focused on building payroll infrastructure. We help companies to build their own embedded payroll products.

About the role

Skills: CSS, Express, Git, GraphQL, HTML, JavaScript, MongoDB, Nginx, Node.js, React, Docker


Puzzl: Payroll infrastructure to help companies build their own payroll.

Join our team as a Product Engineer (a full-stack role) where you will iterate on features quickly, build directly for customers, and wear multiple hats.

Our team works out of an office in-person in SF, but you may work remotely until end of COVID. Note: We do not provide sponsorship for employment visas.

What We Do

Puzzl helps companies-- everyone from gig companies + franchises to POS companies and neobanks-- to build their own embedded payroll products. Some companies want to offer embedded payroll to make an extra stream of revenue and offer their customers end-to-end platform functionality, while others simply want to build payroll to improve payment operations for their internal company.

Puzzl has built a Payroll API that automates every aspect of payroll processing from onboarding to disbursement to reporting & filing. Our White-Label Front-End Components allow any company to customize our pre-built front-end products and launch a payroll company in days. You can think of Puzzl as a “Stripe for Payroll”!

Payroll is the infrastructure of American society, controlling everything from school and library budgets to child support, to retirement/health savings. Puzzl is the payment and compliance infrastructure layer that helps companies navigate the ever-changing policy changes in 13,000+ tax jurisdictions.

Cool Things We Do

  • We are the only payroll company that offers daily payroll! Most quick-pay versions of payroll are modern versions of payday loans with hefty fees but at Puzzl we can do real payroll calculations and disbursement the same-day so workers can get paid in <24 hours.
  • We help gig companies pay workers compliantly as W2 employees. Before, gig-companies were only able to classify workers as 1099 contractors because they had no way to pay workers quickly and efficiently. Our product serves as a “Stripe for Payroll” for gig startups so they can pay workers quickly and keep payment data in-app.

Full-Stack Engineering Role

You will play a critical role in:

  • Product Usability: We believe in making something people love. You'll be building user-facing tools and developing systems to improve reliability and usability.
  • Customer Success: Our customers are our #1 priority, and they rely on us for their payment infrastructure. You'll be gathering feedback from customers, iterating our product, and launching new features daily!
  • Help us build out our engineering team: You'll help us recruit, train, and manage our extended engineering team.

You should join Puzzl if

  • You want to work on a complex, far-reaching problem
  • You're an obsessive builder or a side-project/hackathon enthusiast.
  • You've built products from the ground up.
  • You're an expert in: React, Redux, NodeJS, and AWS.
  • You've previously worked in or literacy in the fintech/HR space.
  • You want to be on the forefront of shaping the world's payment infrastructure and care about the problems we're trying to solve.
  • You think you can beat us in a game of Catan.

Join us! You could be the missing piece in our Puzzl.


Tech Stack: React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, and AWS.

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