SafetyWing (W18)
Global social safety net for remote workers

Frontend engineer

$100k0.05% - 0.20%

3+ years
About SafetyWing

SafetyWing is building a global social safety net for the digital workforce. This mean global health, dental, disability, pensions and doctor's appointments for digital nomads and distributed startups. We've just raised series A funding.

We work fully remotely, but have an office in SF.

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, React, SCSS, Google Cloud

We're looking for an independent thinker and builder who believe that building a global social safety net, and ultimately a country on the internet is a worthwhile thing to do.

We're a strong team of 10, and recently raised a $3,5M seed round, and have been growing more than 30 % the last year with our first product. We work distributed, but have offices in SF. We have quarterly gatherings, and you will receive both salary and equity compensation. You will work closely together with the founders and have a big influence on both product development and technology development.


On the frontend we use react with redux. Our backend is built with java, hosted on google cloud.

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Frontend engineer
0.05% - 0.20%
3+ years