Radix Labs (S18)
Operating systems for biology labs

Scala Engineer that loves working on tough tech

$110k - $150k0.20% - 2.00%

Cambridge, MA / Remote
3+ years
About Radix Labs

About the role

Skills: Scala

We at radix build fundamental computational abstractions over biology labs including workflow specification, optimized program compilation to varied backend targets (real labs), and great UX to bring down the cost of automation to 0. We're doing this because the way it currently works is a major stumbling block for the biotech industry. Reproducibility sucks, optimization of /programs/ is primitive at best, and talented PhD Biologists spend 3.5hrs a day working in the lab - and another 1hr writing lab reports. Smart people should have good tooling so they don't have to do menial work - and we hope to be that abstraction.

We're looking for engineers with any of the following skillsets, or to whom these sound attractive.

  • Distributed systems
    • High performance no-alloc JVM
    • Actor Systems
    • Apache Kafka
    • Aeron
  • Web development
  • Scalajs-react
  • Version control
    • We're bringing protocol + associated data versioning to users, and we'd love to work on a nice implementation for biologists.
    • Thinks http://antimatter15.com/derp/ is cool and wants to work on visual programming VCS
  • Compilers
  • NP-complete problem solver
    • Comfortable with metaheuristic implementation
    • ILOG-CPLEX/Gurobi
    • Reinforcement learning for efficient decision procedures.
  • We are a 100% Scala shop.

If any of this sounds like something you want to work on - reach out to [email protected]

We're seed funded by some cool people (Firstminute Capital, MIT's The Engine, and Nikesh Arora) and are making rapid strides towards profitability.


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Scala Engineer that loves working on tough tech
Cambridge, MA / Remote
$110k - $150k
0.20% - 2.00%
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