Kodable (IK12)
Kodable teaches kids how to code before they can read.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

$140k - $200k

San Diego, CA / Remote
3+ years
About Kodable

Kodable was founded to fill a gap in education currently affecting over 250 million kids around the world. Our mission is to help prepare kids for success in the 21st century by making programming education accessible to everyone.

We make awesome games that not only teach kids about programming, but help develop soft skills like grit, perseverance, and problem solving. Kids journey through the Smeeborgian Universe with a family of furry aliens and learn about programming logic, JavaScript, and game design. Kodable also includes a curriculum for elementary school teachers so they can feel confident teaching along side the game.

Kodable is already used in over 50% of US schools, and in over 190 countries. Help us continue our mission and expose millions more kids to the wonderful world of computer science!

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, Ruby, Heroku, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We're looking for someone to ready to lead the dashboard and API development for a profitable, growing company that teaches tens of millions of kids to code. You'll work directly with top-tier educators from Harvard, Microsoft, Teach For America, and more to build a product that teaches computer science to kids while actually being fun! The best part: this is a hands-on role. Less meetings, more coding! Sound exciting? Read on...

What you’ll do:

You will have the opportunity to own a variety of projects including our backend API (ruby), frontend dashboard (JavaScript), progress reporting architecture, server optimization for millions of requests a day, and everything in-between. You’ll work closely with every member of the Kodable team to make the greatest coding platform for kids even better. We’re still a small-but-growing team, so you’ll be asked to build large, high-traffic systems with little outside interference. No bureaucracy, just build it.

Who we’re looking for:

  • You have 5+ years web development experience in a production environment
  • You have a deep, working knowledge of JavaScript (and have strong opinions on var vs let)
  • You care deeply about programming education
  • You have contributed significantly to the release of a production-level application (preferably not a side-project, something with actual users)
  • You have experience with REST APIs from both client and server sides
  • You have experience writing performant SQL queries and managing a high-traffic database (preferably PostgreSQL)

Highly Preferable if:

  • You have experience with Ruby
  • You have experience working with a front-end framework in a production environment (AngularJS, React, Vue, etc)
  • You have experience with Test-Driven Development

Bonus Points for:

  • Experience with Sinatra, Sequel, or ActiveRecord
  • Experience with Sinatra, Sequel, Grape, or ActiveRecord
  • Experience with background jobs and asynchronous architecture (Sidekiq even better!)
  • You've used JavaScript build systems such as Gulp
  • You've worked with AWS Lambda and background jobs
  • Game Development experience


We are one of the largest web-based games in the world, with hundreds of thousands of kids using us every week. Our API serves hundreds of thousands of requests per day on only a couple dynos, while simultaneously powering both a web and iOS based game built in Unity

We believe in staying lean as both a company and with our code, and focus on resource-efficient solutions as often as possible. We also iterate and ship quickly - you could build a feature in a couple days that immediately reaches millions of users worldwide.

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Senior Full Stack Engineer
San Diego, CA / Remote
Full Stack
$140k - $200k
3+ years