Sterblue (S18)
Software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines

Senior UI/UX engineer and React JS engineer

$50k - $150k0.20% - 1.00%

San Francisco, California or Nantes, France / Remote
3+ years
About Sterblue

Sterblue builds software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines. Sterblue software guides drones along trajectories that wrap tightly around structures, finds anomalies from the collected images, and outputs reports. The whole process is automated and triggered by the click of a button, using off-the-shelf drones.

About the role

Skills: JavaScript, React


Sterblue builds softwares for drones to inspect wind turbines and power lines. From the automatic 3d navigation around infrastructure to the online reports going through data processing, we automate the entire inspection value chain to monitor industrial assets.

These tools will allow Sterblue in a close future to build a better Google Earth. Drones will fly anywhere, anytime and will participate in creating a super accurate model of the world!

Sterblue was initially created early 2016. We are now 10 people and have offices in Lisbon, San Francisco and Nantes.

The job

We are looking for a Senior web front-end and mobile developer with experience in UI/UX., that will be able to help me manage our team of 5 engineers operationally. Here are the main work packages:

  • Design and Develop our mobile apps using react native
  • Design and Develop our web app using react
  • Create advanced UI/UX relating to our AI and 3D navigation algorithms
  • Ensure High code quality though code review and testing, helping the team get better at code quality.


Solid experience in the following field is welcome, as a PhD in Critical Interactive systems I tend to have high expectation on these topics:

  • UI design, with a proven portfolio
  • Functional programming
  • JS programming
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Testing with Jest

Work conditions

We are pretty flexible regarding location, it can be in the bay area or in France. Remote could be ok. Compensation and equity depending on profile, but if you're good, we will be good :-)



  • Node
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Cesium


  • React native
  • iOS

Data analysis

  • Tensorflow
  • Caffe2
  • Pytorch


  • Amazon lambda
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

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Senior UI/UX engineer and React JS engineer
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