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Automatic Data Extraction

Senior Full-Stack Developer

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3+ years
About NanoNets

About the role

Skills: Cassandra, Go, JavaScript, Node.js

We are looking to hire a senior engineer with 3+ years of experience in product companies. She will lead efforts in building our backend and front services. Being the one of the first engineers will allow her to work with the founding team and will have complete ownership of the web platform.

We offer a machine learning API platform - she will need to build scalable web services to allow our users to build manage and deploy our Machine Learning models. The position requires limited to no knowledge of Machine Learning but knowledge of Machine Learning is a plus.

She will be responsible for building and scaling our web services as well as build the front end for our applications.

List of Responsibilities: Deploy new Machine Learning models Connecting tensorflow models to web API Payment Service Authentication Rate Limiting Rest API API documentation API versioning Front end for testing API

Our Stack is primarily: Golang Cassandra Python


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Senior Full-Stack Developer
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